Positivity is Key!

According to lifehacker.com, an article titled “How Positive Thoughts Build Skills, Boost Health, and Improve Work” explains what research is beginning to reveal about positive thinking, as well as what both positive and negative thoughts do to your brain, and much more.


Research is beginning to reveal that positive thinking consists of much more than just being happy and displaying an upbeat attitude. Through research, it has been discovered that positive thoughts can actually create real value in your life and can help you build skills that last much longer than a smile. The impact of positive thinking on your work, your health, and your life, is being studied by very intelligent individuals.

It has been proven that when you are experiencing positive emotions in life, like joy, contentment, and love, you will see more possibilities arise. These emotions were among the first to prove that positive emotions broaden your sense of possibility and open your mind to more options. However, the benefits of positive emotions don’t stop after a few minutes of good feelings subside. In fact, the biggest benefit that positive emotions provide us with is an enhanced ability to build skills and develop resources for use later in life. Positive thoughts will result in positive actions, just as negative thoughts will result in negative actions.

Researchers have discovered a compounding effect, or an “upward spiral,” that occurs with happy people. These people are happy, so they develop new skills, which lead to new success. This new success results in more happiness, and then the process repeats itself. If you frequently have negative thoughts, I’d like to encourage you to turn them into positive thoughts, because the possibilities these positive thoughts can lead you to are endless!

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