Kill Them With Kindness


I have finally realized that no matter what you do or how hard you try, not everybody is going to like you. However, whenever I get a strange vibe from somebody and feel like they have a problem with me, the first thing I do is “kill them with kindness.” No matter how they react, it still leaves me walking away as the better person and knowing I did the right thing.


In an article titled “Difficult people in your life? Kill ’em with kindness” by Christine Hassler, Hassler described a situation where the term “kill them with kindness” did nothing more than make her feel as if she was the one getting killed. Hassler said that she wasn’t actually being kind from an authentic place, but was just acting kindly. She was using kindness as a way to try and manipulate a situation, and even though she continuously smiled, used nice words, and kind gestures, in her mind she was killing them with judgment and anger while feeling hurt.

Have you ever acted kindly outwardly toward someone while inwardly judging them, or have you ever been nice hoping it would get you what you wanted? Most of us are guilty of doing this. When we are trying to manipulate a situation or someone’s opinion about us by merely acting kind, we are coming from our ego. What we have to realize is that true kindness comes from the heart, not from the head. Authentic kindness is also consistent, rather than something we turn on when it feels useful.

We should all think about this the next time we face our enemies and want to “kill them with kindness.” Remember, authentic kindness will get you much farther and the kinder you are, the more kind others shall act upon you in return.

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