Just Believe!

According to Dr. Cheryl Saban’s article “Believe in Yourself! A Self-Care Strategy,” self-esteem is defined as confidence in one’s own worth and abilities, and pertains to a personal appraisal of ourselves. Yet, unfortunately, we often make this evaluation based on cues we receive from society. In other words, we look to others to establish who we are, how we should behave, and how we’re valued, even though this societal reflection won’t be an accurate indicator of what we’re made of.


As individuals, we should try our hardest to not rely totally on the outside world validating us. Instead, we should equalize the playing field by believing in and validating ourselves. You can’t be of great help to others if you don’t care much about yourself. According to Dr. Saban, believing in yourself doesn’t mean you’re conceited, overly self-centered, or narcissistic. It’s simply part of an overall self-care strategy for wellness and contentment. It means that you recognize who you truly are – your core being, the special present of your presence — in other words, your innate worth. Belief in yourself may begin as a small light at the end of a tunnel — a glow, a feeling of hoping, and then knowing. When I was younger, I didn’t believe in myself and thought that many of my dreams/goals were impossible to accomplish. Throughout the years, as I’ve realized how much I can do if I just set my mind to it and believe in myself, I have accomplished things I would have never imagined I could. You must believe that you have a right to be here and are worth sharing a lifetime with. The sooner you believe in yourself, the sooner others will begin to believe in you, and you’ll live a more relaxed, enjoyable life!

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